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Welcome to Volter Cables

Volter Cables is one of the oldest and leading Cable Manufacturer in Pakistan. Since its inception in 1994, Volter Cables has always strived to attain excellence by maintaining quality standards par distinction which uses 99.99 % pure and authentic Copper in the manufacturing of wires and cables. We manufacture cables and wires according to Metric Sizes BSS 6004 and Imperial Sizes BSS 2004.

Why Choose us?

99.99 % Pure Copper Wires

We make Quality wires using 99.99% pure copper and is enveloped in imported P.V.C that ensures full voltage by which our consumers are able to save electicity and lower the bills.

Life Long Guarantee

By meeting the international standards, we are able to make pure quality long lasting wires.

Nationwide Product Delivery

We actively deliver our products all over Pakistan.

Heat & Water Resistant

Our single and multicore Power Cables are heat, water and chemical resistant. Therefore, ensuring proper conduction through the wires and saving electricity as well as any kind of short circuits in houses and buildings.

Product Gallery

General House/Building Wires

Power Cables

Our PVC & XLPE based Power Cables are for heavy electrical power transmission. These cables cater utility & industrial purposes due to their powerful electric & mechanical properties including heat & chemical resistant. Our single & multi core power cables are to be easily used in indoor, outdoor and underground sensitive cable installations. These cables can bear high voltage to prevent well against electric leakage.

Our Range:

We manufacture Multi Core Power Cables from 3*16mm² to 3*70mm²


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Volter Cables

Noman Electric Industry, Small industrial estate, Rathian, GT road Jhelum PK





Opening Hours

7.30am - 5.30 pm, Friday Off